How to reboot or shutdown a remote Windows machine having different or alternate credential

By | November 11, 2013

How to reboot or shutdown a remote Windows machine having different or alternate credential

Windows “Computer Manager or Shutdown command” allows us to reboot or shutdown a remote machine without logging-in the session. But the system should share the same credentials of the Administrators machine. In Active directory domain concept, if both the remote and Administrators machine are in same domain and Administrators are having privilege on the remote; he or she can perform the reboot or shutdown using “Window Computer Manager or Shutdown command”.

If we consider a scenario, where the Administrator is using a workgroup computer and need to attempt to reboot or shutdown a remote domain machine/workgroup machine, his/her local computer password will not synch with the remote machine and thus the attempt fails.

The technique that I am using is first Open the hard drive using network share, supply remote machine Administrator credentials , allowing my machine to cache the details and then attempt reboot or shutdown using Shutdown command.

Here it comes,

TechieswebLAB1 is the remote Windows machine and I am in TechieswebLAB2 my local Administration machine.

I need to reboot TechieswebLAB1.

  1. Open TechieswebLAB1 C drive using UNC path
  • Open Windows RUN and enter
  • \\techieswebLAB1\c$
  • On the credential window supply TechieswebLAB1, Administrator user name and password (privileged user credential having permission to reboot/Shutdown).
  • This will store/cache the credentials details in my computer.


  1. Open Window RUN and type the command “Shutdown /i”, a window will be opened to enter the details of the remote computer which we need to reboot.


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