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How To Backup And Restore Mozilla FireFox/Flock On Windows And Linux

How To Backup And Restore Mozilla Fire Fox On Windows And Linux Mozilla Firefox is a commonly used Internet browser. Some time we need keep the backup of Firefox because we don’t need to loose our favorite bookmarks, saved sessions etc. Conditions like Operating system re installation or up gradation and even hardware failures might […]

Methods To Recover Lost MySQL Root Password On Linux And Windows

Methods To Recover Lost MySQL Root Password On Linux And Windows In some conditions we need recover MySQL root password. Following are the steps used on Windows and Linux for recovering the root password. Recover MySQL root password on Linux Under Linux we can accomplish the recovery using six steps. You need to be on […]

Squid Proxy Server Configuration On Centos 5.3

In our organization we have implemented Squid proxy server on our gateway’s. Squid help us to restrict users from accessing denied sites. First we need to install squid proxy server on the gateway machine. All other configurations are done on the squid.conf file. Following are the custom changes on squid.conf which help us to make […]

Loading Presets On XMMS Player

XMMS Presets By Default XMMS (the MP3 Player) installation does not have presets. Steps for loading preset on XMMS 1. Close Xmms Player. 2. Download the ‘XMMS Presets’ wget 3. Install the ‘XMMS Presets’ gunzip -c winamp_presets.gz > ~/.xmms/eq.preset 4. Launch XMMS, hit the Preset button, and select load–>Preset from the pop-up menu Choose […]

Difference Between Swap File and Swap Partition

Some difference between swap file and swap partition. Swap File, 1. If the hard disk is full or corrupted,swap file will get damaged. 2. System speed get decrease as soon the hard disk space is full. 3. It should be on a particular location where it should not get damaged or accidentally copied with other […]

Linux Command to check Wifi Noise Ratio

WiFi networks are subjected to noise. When ever the noise ration is high, systems connected with Wifi will experience high connetivity issue. Inorder to check the connection stability run the following command on Linux, # iwlist scan lo Interface doesn’t support scanning. eth1 Scan completed : […] Cell 02 – Address: 00:14:7F:A1:B3:A1 ESSID:”BTHomeHub-267B” Protocol:IEEE 802.11bg […]

.htaccess Password Protection On Apache Virtual Host/Directory

Apache web server have a key security feature called .htaccess password. .htaccess password protection help us to secure our root directories on web servers. We all know our sites and web servers are exposed to the outer world. Unauthorized access of users to restricted areas will cause damage on our web server. It might also […]