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.CO Domain Released for Public Registration.

After a long time of wait now a new top domain .co is available for public registration. Most of the popular brands and organization has already secured their domains with .co registration. The present .com domain registration are crowed and it very difficult for us to get our favorite domain names.

To kick off the .co domain launch registry put single better domain name for auction. The domain was auctioned with a high price of $81,000 by B52 Media.

The new .co domain will be released by the following time line

April 1, 2010 – April 20, 2010: Sunrise A will allow registered Colombian trademarks to apply for exact match domains.

April 26, 2010 – June 10, 2010: Sunrise B will allow trademarks of national effect to apply for exact match domains.

June 21, 2010 – July 13, 2010: Landrush will allow anyone to apply for domain names of high commercial value.

July 20, 2010: .co domains will become generally available.

.CO Internet S.A.S. implemented a domain policy for .co domains.

  • Any person or entity in the world can register .co domain names
  • There are no domicile or burdensome documentation requirements
  • Registration period is between 1 and 5 years, subject to renewal
  • Registrants can easily transfer domain names to others

The new .co domain is right now available from top domain sellers and heavy auctions are going the favorite domains.


Melbin Mathew

Enable Booting Of Hiren’s CD From USB Drive Flash Drive

Booting Hiren’s CD From USB Drive Flash Drive

We can boot Hiren’s “All IN One CD” from our USB Drive. The steps are follows,

  • Insert the USB Flash drive into the system.
  • Backup all the contents from the drive. We need to format the drive.
  • Format the drive with FAT 32 files system.
  • Download “” from the link.
  • Extract the Grub4dos download and double click on “grubinst_gui.exe”.


Select the Flash drive and Whole disk (MBR) option. Press Install button.

  • We need to copy the file contents (menu.lst, grldr, docs) from Grub4dos extract folder location to removal flash drive.


  • Download Hiren’s ISO file from the link and extract all the contents to removal disk. We need to use decompression software like WinRaR to extract all the contents of the ISO to the removal flash drive.
  • Reboot and Enable USB booting in BIOS.


Melbin Mathew


How to Enable USB Booting From Removable Disk/Pen Drive for Installing Windows 7 Operating System

How to Enable USB Booting From Removable Disks/Pen Drives for Installing Windows 7 Operating System

It is a feasible way to use USB drives for the installation of Windows Operating system rather than using CD/DVD drives. USB installation will help us to save time and cost.

This method also helps user systems having CD/DVD hardware issue.

Steps To Create USB Bootable

1. Insert USB drive in the System and backup all the data from the disk. We need to format the disk to make the drive bootable.

2. Open command (CMD) prompt in administrator mode.

Go to -> Windows Start menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> right click on command prompt and select Run as Administrator.

3. If prompted security warning, Click Yes to continue.

4. Enter the following commands in CMD,

  • DISKPART hit enter.
  • LIST DISK hit enter.


The “LIST DISK’ command displays all the disk volumes connected to the system. Choose the correct disk number. Here my USB connection is listed as DISK 1 (4GB).

Be sure to select the correct disk volume number.

5. Enter the following commands and hit enter.

  • SELECT DISK 1 (Replace the disk number according to the USB connection)
  • EXIT


Don’t close the CMD prompt, we need to execute one more command.

6. Insert Windows DVD in DVD drive and note the drive letter. Copy all the contents to the removal disk.

If you are using Windows ISO file, extract the contents to the Removal disk using extractor application.

Extract the ISO file to the Removal disk. (Use WinRAR like decompression application)


7. Skip this step for Windows7 users.

Note the DVD and USB removal disk drive letters.

Go back to Command prompt and execute the following commands.

D: (Replace D: with DVD drive letter)



(Replace G: with USB Removal disk drive letter)


If the command window is not running as Administrator (Windows Start menu-> All Programs-> Accessories-> right click on command prompt and select Run as Administrator), you will get the “BOOTMGR compatible error”.


8. Reboot the system and enter into system BIOS setup and enable USB booting. Change the boot order and enable USB boot to first bootable option. Restart the system.


Melbin Mathew